Instagram  hack  Features

  • Liteweight
  • Extremley fast
  • Military grade encyption
  • Bruteforce and Dictionary attack
  • HTTP Proxy support
  • Automatic port forwarding
  • 32 and 64 versions avalible
  • Completely anonymous
  • Free!

Fast  &  Efficient

The fastest Instagram recovery tool currently avalible, free or paid.


Although free, this tool is packed with features.


With HTTP proxy and Military grade encryption support, you'll remain anonymous.


Після декількох тижнів пошуків програмного забезпечення зламати друзів пароль я натрапив на це. Я дуже радий з ним, був швидким і легким. @jjullliiia
My ex boyfirend wouldn't delete photos of us together, oh well he doesn't have an account now, lol. sexonlegs
Took about 5 hours to hack 1 password... its frre though cant complain. Anonymous
Will there ever be a Mac version?? It is quite annoying having to use a windows computer everytime i need an account hacked. @georgia712

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